Intelligent Mechanical Engineering



IMECH Consulting is a team of mechanical engineers that are passionate about engineering. The team strives to manage projects with utmost professionalism in order to maximize client satisfaction whilst complying with ECSA's code of conduct.

Established in 2005, IMECH has built up a reputable brand reflecting sustainable, efficient and practical

problem solving.

Our Fields of Specialization


Consult IMECH with your wet services challenges. We will solve it with detailed calculations and design.


IMECH ensures that our clients' buildings operate at optimal efficiency and adhere to National Building Regulations.


IMECH understands the importance of building Fire Safety and Protection. Consult us for complete package solutions.


IMECH has completed numerous HVAC projects, ensuring our clients of the most energy effective solutions. Consult IMECH for projects large and small.


Thermodynamics gets the IMECH team excited. IMECH can design and supply bespoke systems to meet specific client needs.


IMECH can assist the agricultural industry by providing clients with energy efficient systems that consume 60% less energy than the industry norm.

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